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The Patient Matched Device (PMD) Process

What is Implant as a ServiceTM?

We believe that the device/implant is the output of our services to ensure the best possible patient outcome.  The idea of Implant as a ServiceTM therefore stems from the ability of ALM Ortho to work directly with the surgeon to create the best possible solution, and then ALM Ortho delivers that solution leveraging advanced technology such as Additive Manufacturing for optimized anatomic fit and long term outcomes. 

Key takeaways from our process:

  • The process starts with the surgeon identifying a need for a patient where an off-the-shelf solution does not exist.
  • PMDs are anatomically designed to be a best fit solution for each patient.

Patient CT Scan to Surgery in as little as 14 days

Step 1

Patient need identified, Surgeon fills out a Prescription (Rx) form and a CT scan of patient is provided.
CT Scan of JL Knee

Step 2

CT Data is segmented and a 3D model of existing patient anatomy is created for planning purposes.

Step 3

A Surgeon Planning meeting is scheduled to discuss solution to patient specific indication.  This is when the surgeon works to define the specific device solution to the indication.

Step 4

A patient specific design solution is created and Final Design Proposal is shared with Surgeon for review and approval.

Step 5

The Surgeon reviews and approves the patient specific design proposal, leading the way to finalizing manufacturing details and pathway.

Step 6

Upon signing the Final Patient Specific Implant Design Plan, Risk Assessment and downstream Manufacturing is completed, clearing the way for shipment of the Final Implant Solution.

Step 7

Upon successful shipment of the Patient Specific Solution, the Healthcare Facility receive implants prior to surgery for final onsite preparation.

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