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TiGraft™ Technology

Proprietary Technology for Customized Grafting solutions for Orthopedic Applications


Unlimited Supply

Unlike more familiar Allograft (cadaver tissue) or Autograft (native tissue from patient), TiGraftTM is made from Titanium Powder with an abundant supply world wide, and allows for any shape to be created around the patient anatomy and need.

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Titanium Powder

A common and well-known Biocompatible material widely used for Traditional Implant Solutions, 3D Printed Titanium Implants have been FDA cleared for over a decade.  Titanium powder is used in the process and allows for virtually any shape to be created that is needed for a patient.

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Perfect Technology

3D Metal Printing combined with clinical knowledge and execution delivers the right solution for the right need.

Our Proprietary TiGraftTM Technology can be applied to most any Orthopedic Indication needing a graft solution.

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Inspired by biology. Enabled by design.