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TiGraft™ Technology

Proprietary Technology for Customized Grafting solutions for Orthopedic Applications.

TiGraft Spine Cage 1(1)

Unlimited Supply

Unlike more familiar Allograft (cadaveric tissue) or your own Autograft (host tissue), TiGraftTM Technology is manufactured from Titanium Powder where the worldwide supply is plentiful, currently.  By leveraging advanced software and the most advanced metal 3D printing technology, we are able to recreate anatomic structures that fit the patient anatomy exactly.

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Titanium Powder

Ti6Al4V is a common and well-known Biocompatible material widely used for Traditional Implant Solutions, however most people think of Titanium as an exotic material that is hard to get and is very expensive.  Due to the growth of Additive Manufacturing and newer Powder Manufacturing Technologies, Titanium Powder is now more readily available than it has ever been.  Titanium Powder, combined with the Freedom of Design that AM provides, is enabling the most advanced Osseointegrative products the industry has ever seen.

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Perfect Technology

TiGraftTM Technology can be applied to most any Orthopedic Indication needing a bone grafting solution, from a structural standpoint.  Whether a segmental defect from a tumor, a defect from a current or past trauma, an osteosarcoma, we are now able to leverage the patient's anatomy and design solutions that have never been seen before, faster than ever before.  

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Inspired by biology. Enabled by design.

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